Asian Inspired Floral Design Book


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Asian Inspired Floral Design Book
Asian Inspired Floral Design Book
Asian Inspired Floral Design Book

This book is co written by Greg Lum AIFD . He does all the floral and plant design sold at He’s a award winning designer well known in the floral business. 

Why did Jeanne, Lily and Greg decide to write this book?
We decided to write this book in order to give people a different perspective on Asian influenced design. We also wanted to see how 14 different Asian designers from all over would interpret the same four given categories. Through the exploration of these 4 topics we noticed how each designer has their own unique style and how they can relate to each of the different media. We all have a true passion for design and wanted to share that with everyone.
Why did you choose the 4 elements of Wood, Paper, Metal and Fabric?
We decided to use these 4 different elements because they have a deep relation to many different Asian cultures. Wood and Metal are Asian traditional elements that help create a balance in our universe. Fabric and textiles have played an important role in Asian cultures as well. For example, silk was used for clothing initially, it then expanded to art and other furnishings. Paper can be traced backed to the second century and was used to spread literacy from village to village. It was also used for hats and packaging and later on used as a media for the beautiful art of calligraphy. Handmade Korean Hanji, Japanese origami paper and Chinese Rice paper are some examples of how different cultures made use of paper. We wanted to explore the different design ideas of how paper can be used in design and our ties to the history of it.
What can readers expect from this book?
Readers can expect a wide variety of design work that is showcased from several designers with varied backgrounds.The book is to exhibit several interpretations of 4 different themes and to give it’s readers inspiration from the designers. In addition to the high quality of photography and scientific nomenclature, the designers also added notes about how the designs were made and what other materials they used.
What are the 3 lessons that can be learned from this project?
The 3 lessons that can be learned from this project are that communication, organization and patience are the keys to producing a quality product. When creating a book that includes 14 different talented designers, everyone has their own unique style that must be respected. The process took longer than expected, but we have to understand that everyone has different things going on in their lives (good and bad) that can affect the meeting of deadlines. Of course there are things that could have been changed, but like all of us as designers we are always looking for perfection and are ready to move on to our next project.

Greg Lum can Signed the book for you too. Just let us know if you want it done.